Miyazaki Sangyo Kaiun Co., Ltd

Message from President and CEO

Miyazaki Sangyo Kaiun Co., Ltd. is always striving to improve services to our customers under the slogan "Safeguard Our Ship with Our Own Hands" and with the safety of human life, ships and cargo, and protection of the environment on the earth as our basic management policy.


In February 2024, we celebrated the 100th founding anniversary. The founder, Noboru Miyazaki settled in Tsukumi City in 1924.


Based on his experience and business dealings in the family mining business, Noboru Miyazaki sold and delivered ample supplies of limestone, silica stone, manganese ore, etc. produced in Tsukumi to iron and steel manufacturers and trading companies in the Kitakyushu and Hanshin areas.


At that time, he had been suffering from shortage of ships to deliver minings from Tsukumi, so he determined to build motorsailers from around 1934, he also started marine transportation business.


Miyazaki Sangyo Co., Ltd. was established on February 28, 1940, and in February 1965, the company’s name was changed to Miyazaki Sangyo Kaiun Co., Ltd. ("Kaiun" means marine transportation) to reflect the company's focus on shipping rather than mining as it built a series of small steel ships to rebuild its fleet after the devastating losses it suffered in World War II.


I have heard about the many hardships and difficulties that our predecessors have endured since our founding, but not only in the past, but also it has not been an easy path for us to walk since I received the baton from the previous chairman, Shozo Miyazaki, in December 2011.


We are deeply grateful to our predecessors and employees for their tireless efforts, to our business partners for their support and cooperation over the years, and to related government agencies and organizations for their guidance in helping us celebrate our 100th anniversary.


As we celebrate the 100th founding anniversary, which began as a mining company, we will continue to work as one to be a company that is needed by the local community and our customers.


In closing, I would like to offer my best wishes for your continued good health and success in the future.