Miyazaki Sangyo Kaiun Co., Ltd

Message from President and CEO

Miyazaki Sangyo Kaiun Co., Ltd. endeavour every day and night with a Goal of "Environmental Protection on the earth" under the slogan of "Safeguard Our Ship with Our Own Hands" and in motto of "the most suitable Ship for the Cargo as per our good customers' request".

On 28th February, 2020, we celebrated the 80th anniversary of our company's establishment.


Noboru Miyazaki, the founder, had lived in Tsukumi City since 1924.


Noboru Miyazaki had started mining, as his family business.


By his experiences and knowledges, he sold limestone, silica and manganese - products of Tsukumi - to steel industries and/or traders located in Kitakyushu and Hanshin area.


At that time, he had been suffering from shortage of ships to deliver minings from Tsukumi.


So, he ordered dockyard to build small coasters, and also started marine transportation business.


On 28th February, 1940, He established Miyazaki Sangyo Co., Ltd.


Due to losing many ships by World War II, Miyazki Sangyo ordered dockyard to build steel ship from time to time.


It had changed our main business from mining to marine transportation.


In accordance with it, we changed company name to Miyazaki Sangyo Kaiun Co., Ltd. ("Kaiun" means marine transportation), and we enlarged marine transportation business.


From our company's establishment, there were lots of troubles and/or sufferings, I heard it from Shozo Miyazaki, former President.


However, we also have experienced to tread thorny path from December, 2011 when I was installed as President.


On our 80th anniversary, thanks a lot to efforts of our employee including predecessors.


I also much appreciate kind cooperation and support from our customers.


And I would like to give a lot of gratitude to kind assistance of related government and parties.


At last, I hope everyone's further achievement and good health.